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The BME standard is the foundation of the quality system that the BME members comply too. This standard has several levels. The basics are of course the EU and Belgian legislation, but as BME we find it very important that our members score higher and better than others with their quality system, that’s why they have to comply to the BME standard. This standard is audited by AIB Vincotte.
The part to comply for China is very intense, and is audited in a seperate audit, so the auditer can really concentrate on the specific China demands. In the future if there is need to this for other countries, the BME standard can of course evolve and get new chapters.

Basics: EU and Belgian legislation

Level 1: General Export demands (above law)

Level China: China asks for a very specific approach for the products they want to import. The 5th quarter of the carcass needs to be worked on with a lot of attention. The BME standards ensures that those products are treaten like chocolates. Quality, Hygiene and Traceability are monitored thoroughly.

The BME standard is also evolutive, every year we adapt if needed, based on the results of the audits.

Complying to the BME standard is also the best preparation to an audit from the Chinese government. (CNCA / AQSIQ) Your chances to pass this official audit get substantially higher if you comply to the BME standard. This standard was developped by Thierry Smagghe, who also was the architect of the Monitoring exchange system between Belgium and CNCA, a system that now is enforced by CNCA director Wang Gang to the other countries who want to export meat to China. (dixit Wang Gang: IFPS summit 13 june in Shanghai)

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