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About BME

Belgian Meat Exports was founded the 8th december 2015 with Federal Minister of Agriculture Borsus as godfather. 

Minister Borsus assigned extra funds to the exportcel of the APFACA, the private sector joined this effort through the creation of Belgian Meat Exports. Only when the government and the sector work together and put extra energy in the opening of markets we can succeed. BME will lobby mainly for market opening outside the EU, a taks that was rahter difficult till now, seen the fragmentation of the sector in earlier years.

Kipco Damaco, Noordvlees Van Gool, Bens and Groep De Brauwer (Danis) are the founders of BME. Thus BME represents as well the poultry as the pork sector. BME is open to other sectors, and other high level exporters in the agriculture and food sector. 

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