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Welcome to Belgian Meat Exports

Belgian Meat Exports was founded the 8th december 2015 under the parenthood of Belgian Minister of Agriculture Borsus. Minister Borsus dedicated extra funding to the FAFSC export cel, in addition to this Belgian Meat Exports was created by the private sector. Lobbying is very important to open new markets outside the European Union, a task that Belgium did not fulfill in sufficant matter, seen the very divided Meat Sector. Lobbying that in other countries has become an evidence to open new markets, is now also applicable for Belgium. Founders of BME are Kipco Damaco, Noordvlees Van Gool, Bens NV (Vanden Avenne) and Group De Brauwer (Danis). BME represents the poultry and pork sector from Belgium. BME is open to other sectors and open his know how to anybody who is interested.

BME represents today 50% of the Belgian pork production and pork exports, and 40% of the porkslaughters. 

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